Long Way From Home

“Istanbul is a difficult lover. I love her and yet from time to time I need to stay away from her, for my own sanity. There is a pendulum inside my heart. When the pendulum swings to one end, I go back to Istanbul, having missed her. Then she is so demanding, so capricious, so impossible, the pendulum in my heart swings to the other end, and I ran away from her. Back and forth… it is always like this. She is an impossible mistress. You can neither be with her nor without her. ”         
                                                                                                                             ELIF SAFAK
I’m long way from home, my family, my friends and my country and while watching this video I miss them again and again. On the other hand I know that this dream won’t long so long, I’ll fed up with it so quickly. You know dissatisfaction is second name of human being also as Elif Shafak’s said, Istanbul is a difficult lover!
Evimden, ailemden, arkadaslarimdan, ulkemden cok uzaktayim ve bu klibi izleyip tekrar tekrar onlari ve birde Istanbul’u ozluyorum. Biliyorum ki gittigimde bu ozlem yerini can skintisina cabuk birakacak ama doyumsuzluk insanoglunun ikinci adi hem Elif Safagin’da dedigi gibi Istanbul zor sevgili !
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Mango top / ust
Zara jean
Aldo oxfords / ayakkabi
Forever 21 hat / sapka
Ray ban Vagabond sunglasses / gunes gozlugu

Photos Berk Akcay

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