Lake in the Campus

Son gonderdigim postlara bakiyorum da, hep havalardan bahsetmisim ki bu konular hic ic acici degil biliyorum. Ama tekrar soylemeden edemeyecegim buralari seller sular goturuyordu, neyse ki bugun gunesi gorduk butun NY ahalisi olarak. Burasi kampusumuzun icindeki kucuk ama cok huzurlu göl. Biz bugun cok eglendik, dinlendik. Simdilik benden bu kadar  hepinize bol eglenceli, huzurlu Pazarlar !
As I see from the previous posts I sent,  they were all about how the weather was so bad. I know talking about weather issues is not enjoyable. But I should admit that we were floated but fortunately sun came back to the town. This is the small but peaceful lake in our campus. Today we had so much fun. I hope you   will have fun as well. Have a peaceful Sunday !
Aslinda farkindayim bu outfitte bir seyler eksik. Mesela bir kolye olabilirdi. Fakat taki takmayi nedense cok sevmedigim icin her zaman unutuyorum ancak boyle sonradan fotograflardan farkediyorum.
Actually I know something is missing on this outfit. For instance it could be a necklace. I don’t know why but I don’t like too much jewelry on me so, I forget to use them all the time. That’s why I realize it from the pictures after I publish.


LUSH top
H&M skirt and tshirt
MNG shoes
Photos by H.G

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